Business Cards: 3 Key Elements When Designing Yours


Business Cards: 3 Key Elements When Designing Yours


Business Cards: 3 Key Elements When Designing Yours

We live in a digital age. Almost everything is done on a computer, a tablet or a phone. Birthday wishes, newspapers and magazines are now read on screens instead of paper. And yet, one of the most common phrases still used today is, “Here’s my card.” Despite all the advances in technology, the business card is still one of the most direct and tangible marketing tools at your disposal. With that being said, here are three essential elements to keep in mind when designing your business card:

1. Stand out from the pack

You, and pretty much everybody else with a job, have a business card. That’s quite a large playing field you’re up against when you’re vying for wallet space longevity. More often than not, the standard, average-looking business cards get passed over, or worse, get thrown out. Make sure yours doesn’t by creating a business card that distinguishes itself from the rest. Make it bold, eye-catching and unique. Make it memorable so that you and your business become memorable alongside it.

2. First impressions are everything

The 10 seconds it takes for your business card to be exchanged are make-it-break-it. The expression, “Never judge a book by its cover” does not apply here, because that is exactly what is happening. First impressions are everything, and the aesthetics of your card have to communicate everything about your business almost instantaneously. When designing your card, remember that your card is reflective of your brand and your product. It sets both the tone and expectations: a sub-par business card initially construes the idea that the business will be equally sub-par, the same way a strong, unique and well-designed card will leave the perfect lasting first impression.

3. Trust in your designer

Unless you are a graphic designer yourself, you should be enlisting the help of a professional. The success of a business card lies in the details – colour, font, spacing – and the person who knows how to best handle and cultivate these details is your designer. Trust them. You want your business card to stand out, and if you allow them, your designer will be able to create a business card people will want to hold onto and carry around in their wallets, which means where they go, so will your business.


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