Does the design of a business card really matter?


Does the design of a business card really matter?


Does the design of a business card really matter?

Many freelancers and even small businesses have never considered the idea of designing a logo that identifies them. The most careless ones don’t even think about having business cards available. And if they do, they tend to think that the design of these is a secondary aspect. Have you ever wondered if the design of a business card is important? Let us offer you the reasons why it is.

What should a business card include?

The fundamental premise of a business card is that it should speak about its owner. And it should do so in the best possible way. It should be eye-catching and have something special, that something that will save you from ending up in the trash can. However, this does not mean that it must be a card with a pompous and overloaded design. The most important thing is the concept and that the information is as clear as possible.
In order to get the most out of a business card, it is important that it contains certain elements that will define your image and the services you offer. You can include all of them or select the most convenient ones, because there is a possibility of overloading that small piece of paper with too much information, which would be counterproductive. The most important thing is to arouse the interest of the person who receives the card and to keep it.
These are the elements that a business card should include. Some, as mentioned, are optional, it all depends on your needs and the format you choose along with the advice of a professional designer.

  • Logo
  • Your profession
  • The services you offer
  • Contact information
  • Social networking
  • If your company has a website, you can include a QR code to facilitate your potential client’s access to your website.

The importance of design in business cards

A business card gives you a more professional image, but that does not guarantee that it will be discarded as soon as you turn around. Only an effective design increases the chances of persuading your potential customers to keep your card and achieve, in the immediate future, a business opportunity.

In addition, a business card should have a differentiating element, and that element is given by the design. Only a good design can ensure that format, colors, material, texture and the arrangement of the information elements are harmoniously combined to obtain a unique result that influences the recipient and that he associates it instantly with your brand.
Today there are business card templates and many inexpensive online tools, also available for free, that automatically generate business cards. All you have to do is enter all the necessary information and a logo. However, would you trust automatic processes to be one of the strongest cards for the expansion and dissemination of your company’s corporate identity? Do you know how and how much information your business card should include? Do you know which colors match well?
Remember that your ideas will not always be the most appropriate, they can be very good ideas, but the work of an expert is always needed. Graphic design work is complex and if you really want to attract potential customers, it is best to trust those who have specialized in it.
On the other hand, a poorly crafted design can convey an inappropriate image to your target audience and have a negative impact on potential customers. An image speaks more than a thousand words, but only a well-designed image generates higher conversion rates. Therefore, if you are not an expert in design, trust this work to a specialist.
Your card should not be a piece of paper destined for a drawer or a trash can, but rather something that your client will want to carry in his wallet so that, when the opportunity arises, he will contact you and talk business.




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