Five trends in graphic design for 2020

The world changes, and with it, people’s perception of colours, shapes and images, that is, the elements that make up visual communication; hence the need to create innovative proposals to capture the attention of a specific audience.

We know very well that graphic design is a powerful visual communication tool for companies that want to transmit an idea, a sensation or a brand concept, but for a design to penetrate the mind of a client, it must remain at the forefront, so it is necessary to know the trends in graphic design that await us for 2020, which have proposals that will surely surprise you.
If you want your business to capture the attention of customers and invite them to know the products or services it offers, you must take a look at the proposals presented in this article.


Like almost everything else in this world, graphic design is also subject to fashions and trends, and by 2020, one of the main ones will be contrast. If you want your designs to have visual impact, you must play with contrast in colors, sizes and shapes. Contrast is a tool that will help you attract the attention of viewers.

Vibrant color palette

We have little left to finish 2019 and we must be attentive to what graphic design proposes for 2020. One of the trends not to be missed next year will be the explosion of colors: visually we can expect to see brighter and more striking colors, used throughout the year to attract the attention of viewers sensitive to images, on platforms such as social networks and blogs, and in marketing communications. Mosaics in bright colors, such as electric yellows, corals and bright blues, will be especially highlighted.

Futuristic influences

Futurism was an avant-garde movement that emerged at the beginning of the last century, in Paris, France. The futurist manifesto posed, in a few words, the separation of models from past art and its ideological proposal based on the future, and adopted themes such as speed, dynamism and light, which were represented in the painting using a palette of colors composed of red, yellow and blue.

The trend in graphic design for 2020 takes up again the values of futurism, so it adopts vibrant colors, which quickly capture attention, but beyond that, these tones suggest movement, which will invite the user to action, which is in the end what we seek with any design.

In addition to color, futuristic patterns and ideas will be strongly present in the world of graphic design in the coming years. This will be seen very much in the dynamic illustrations, which will be characterized by being more complex and complete than those that have been appreciated until this year.


Typography as an inseparable part of graphic design also follows certain trends. While in years prior to 2020 typeface design used traditional fonts such as San Serif, emerging typefaces are called to be bolder and more obstinate. They will hardly go unnoticed.

Organic designs

Geometric forms and straight lines have been a very marked trend in 2018 and 2019, but in 2020 they will be replaced by organic designs, with soft lines, curves, shapes and patterns: true works of art intended to add a pinch of authentic fun and help discover the brand behind the design.
Organic lines are characterized by emulating movement, are fluid and asymmetrical, like a hill, the water of a river or clouds in the sky.

There is no doubt that next year comes prepared to offer impressive experiences in graphic design; if you don’t want to be left behind, I invite you to put into practice the trends I have shown you in this article.

To create meaningful interactions, you just have to let your creativity fly.