Four reasons to hire the services of a graphic designer

The digital era, which began in the 1980s, changed paper for the screen and the way we relate to images and texts, but the bases of graphic design, which allow us to transmit information in an effective and striking way, are the same ones that began to be written 100 years ago and were enriched over time.
After the eighties, graphic design became part of popular consciousness and began to be part of people’s daily lives. During the twentieth century, the media adopted new forms and each new technique gave the designer greater control over the graphic process, providing tools for the creation of innovative and original designs.
Today’s society demands a large number of visual products, in different formats, and this is why graphic designers are professionals who develop in different specialties. For most people, their idea of graphic design does not go beyond logo design, and they think that they will only need the services of a graphic designer to create the logo of their company; however, the role of the graphic designer is much more important. In this article you will discover the reasons why it is essential to have designers in companies.
A product should look attractive
Imagine going to the most luxurious restaurant in your city and ordering the most expensive dessert on the menu. When the waiter takes it to you, you realize that the dessert is destroyed. The first thing you do in that case is ask to change it, right? Because first impressions definitely count!
When you think about the product your company sells, you should also think about the packaging in which you will present it to your clients, because you don’t want your client to decide for another brand because yours didn’t seem attractive.
The packaging of a product must have a design based on the corporate identity; in this way, the packaging becomes another differentiating element of the product with respect to the competition.
Corporate Identity
When hiring a business graphic designer, in addition to creating everything the client demands, he must design a corporate identity manual for the correct application of the logo in any context.
A graphic designer is responsible for ensuring that the image and style in the visual communication of a company follows the same line, something essential to its success. The corporate identity of a company, its logo, its colors, its shapes, etc., is the first impression that the public gets of a company.
A professional graphic design transmits a sensation of solidity and solvency that extends to the company it represents. Therefore, graphic design contributes to some brands being remembered more easily than others, increasing confidence in them and their value proposition.
Content for social networks
The importance of social network marketing is more than evident in a society that remains hyper-connected; therefore, graphic design for social networks is increasingly in demand in companies.

Graphic design is an artistic, technical and professional activity that deals with visual communication in general, that is, graphic design is what will express if your brand is sophisticated, serious, luxurious, casual or low cost… and must always be aimed at achieving business objectives and communication.
Graphic design, in short, is the visual manifestation of an entire market strategy.