How to position yourself against the competition?


How to position yourself against the competition?


How to position yourself against the competition?

The continuous combat with your competition must be the fuel that propels your desire and desire to succeed, and make your business the best version of itself. However, to achieve this you must first work on a series of stages that will lead you to an expected result. The truth is that the competition in online business is gigantic. Every agency wants to be able to position itself at the top of the lists with the highest sales, the most loyal customers, the most innovation: but it won’t always be this way. With the constant work that different brands employ, there is a chance of keeping or losing the position that you have worked so hard to obtain. That’s why, with this article, we want to guide you on the way to reach that luxurious position, and stay there for as long as possible. Now, do you know how to position yourself against the competition? If the answer is NO, just keep reading.

Crucial positioning of your brand in 5 steps

It is always imperative to take the following steps very seriously, in order to position yourself against the competition of your business. These steps are not the only ones you can take, but they will help and guide you in achieving a better positioning of your brand, so it will depend on your strategies that your brand remains at the top of the lists. So, we give way to the:

Progressive innovation

Innovation is essential to position your brand and distinguish it from the rest of your competitors. A brand that innovates will have better results, in terms of acquisition and loyalty of new customers, increased sales, and a promising internationalization. Through progressive innovation, a business can remain immersed in the market for much longer than one whose innovation process is almost non-existent. The never-ending battle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, to be the best-selling carbonated cola drink, is a great example of innovation. From new designs adapted to a specific marketing strategy, to commercials and promotions. After so many years, both are still at the top of the top-selling beverage lists, and each is fighting against the other to be the best, but always INNOVATING. H3 Strong Strategies Taking into account the innovation process, it is also a key piece in the structuring of your commercial and marketing strategy. Strategies are precisely what keep brands going. Without strategies, you would enjoy lack of control, disorganization and loss of valuable time. By having a strategy that allows you to explore a particular area at its best, brands can intensify your presence in the market. Whether it is a storytelling strategy, to capture the attention of the audience through human stories, or a strategy focused on exposing the qualities of your product.

Creativity at its best

Without being too far away, creativity also goes hand in hand with innovation and strategy planning. In every sense, and in any department that executes your brand, creativity must be the bread and butter of your brand. For example, graphic designers are in charge of giving a unique and special vibe to your brand, through their designs. And in many occasions, these innovative designs will help you to position yourself easily, if you know how to take advantage of the trends of the moment.

Growing trends

The use of trends varies greatly, and it is more than certain that they will make you grow, position yourself and make you known quickly. It should come as no surprise to you that the video trend on Instagram or Facebook has been well received by the various communities, and that is a compelling reason to know that following the trends of the moment will not be a bad decision for your brand. Just as videos and images have been well received, there are also trends in web design that, if used properly, can guarantee you a great conversion of leads into customers.


You should already know that nothing you have read so far can be successfully executed, if the team behind the action is not united. Maintaining a great company/employee relationship is important, but so is the relationship between work teams. Make sure your team feels comfortable enough to work with each other, and attempts to position themselves against the competition will not be in vain. In the universe of marketing and business it is a must to know what you are getting into, and with a basic knowledge of what to do and how to do it, the next step is to specialize in your market and your niche. By doing this, you will know what it takes to fight the eternal battle of maximum positioning between businesses and companies. Putting these 5 steps into practice, we assure you that your growth will be exponential, and will only depend on your commitment and discipline to stay on top.




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