Interview with Tony Moriello – Design Grafico Founder and Creative Director


Interview with Tony Moriello – Design Grafico Founder and Creative Director


Interview with Tony Moriello – Design Grafico Founder and Creative Director

Happy birthday to us! We at Design Grafico are celebrating 17 years of design excellence, award-winning campaigns and strong espressos – and we couldn’t be happier. Design is ever changing, and so are we. That being said, we sat down with our founder and creative director Tony Moriello to see how Design Grafico has evolved over the span of its 17 years, and what’s next for the creative design agency:

How does it feel to be celebrating 17 years?

Tony Moriello: It’s fantastic, actually – and unbelievable. Time flies, you really don’t think about time. I’m very grateful and appreciative that it’s been 17 years of business, it’s really nice. It’s lovely.

How has your approach to design changed over the course of the past 17 years?

TM: How has it changed? Well, I’d say my implication with other talented individuals, and building partnerships with other people has allowed me to explore other ventures, ultimately building a stronger portfolio. It’s also helped to prove that design is not limited.

How do you approach a new project?

TM: Well, that’s the fun part! (Laughs) It always starts with an interview; I meet the client and discuss the project. I always like to have a one-on-one to really understand why they chose that project, what’s behind it, what’s the history, why are they doing this? There are so many different projects out there, and so many different and interesting things that people are doing, so it’s always nice to understand why they’re building that project in particular. From there, we try to get a sense of their inspiration and their thoughts, and we find out what the core value is; what’s the idea, where is this coming from? And, surprisingly, many people don’t even know. So I find myself telling them: if you don’t have it, just find something and believe in it, and move forward, because that’s what will take you forward. From that point, we start with some mock-ups, inspiration boards, direction and concepts and we build from there.

From where do you draw your inspiration?

TM: Everywhere. From you, from an interview, from outside, from anywhere. It could be inspired by many different things.

Is there one project, or any particular aspect that you’re most proud of Design Grafico for having achieved during its 17 years?

TM: Well an award is always a way of saying, Yes, you did a good job – but I don’t need an award to tell me that. I think I’d say that branding is. More completed brand projects are the ones we have the most fun with – at least I do. I see them most as a successful completion.

What’s your favourite thing about the design process?

TM: (Laughs and points) Really it’s having coffee and these bombolones. But the design process, what’s the most fun? Hmm, the most fun is showing the client the concepts, the pre-finals and seeing the expression on their face to see if we nailed it or not.

Last question, what’s next for Design Grafico?

A new website is next. And new adventures. And possibly another 17 years.


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