Letting Your Logo Speak for You


Letting Your Logo Speak for You


Letting Your Logo Speak for You

When Catia Céméus, director of Kimdja, an event planning firm that specializes in high-end events, weddings, and corporate gatherings, came to us with the intent of redoing her company logo, she wanted something that would match up to her vision of her company. Her goal was to have it be more reflective of herself as a successful event planner, and of her profession. We at Design Grafico decided to approach this project from two angles: typography and colours.

Colours have the ability to be evocative. Choose the right ones, and they’ll project and speak on your behalf all the impressions and ideas surrounding your brand, so you don’t have to. For Kimdja, we played around with different colour palettes until finally deciding on the coupling of black and gold. Infusing her logo with colours of black and gold simultaneously infused it with impressions of class and sophistication — impressions that are also imbued in the kind of events Kimdja oversees, and the kind of clients they cater to. In their own right, Kimdja’s logo colours were already successfully doing what our client was seeking: mirroring herself and her company.

The second aspect of this logo overhaul came in its typography. Our focus was on the ‘K’. Intrigued by the type of high-end events Kimdja plans, we drew inspiration from the black-tie attire these events generally require when it came to our creative approach. After dabbling with various type and performing different type tests, the new ‘K’ we developed came to have a flip-and-fold look, mimicking the flipping and folding of a bow-tie. The ‘K’ we at Design Grafico created is an original type. It is an original and hand-crafted letter form, reflecting Kimdja’s hand-crafted and unique events.

The end result of Kimdja’s new logo is a case of letting your logo speak for you. By imparting it with elements — in this case type and colours — that propose the ideals and philosophies your business are about, it makes for a great and informative first impression, and one that’ll have them coming back for a second one.


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