Main trends in web design 2020

Web design trends are driven by popular websites, technological trends, large companies, the habits of web users, among other factors.

It is to be expected that in the era of over-information, trends in web design will change constantly, so it is essential to stay connected to the currents of design and stand out from the crowd. By 2020, it is expected that there will be many advances and changes in the style of web page design; if you are interested in knowing the main ones, I invite you to continue reading.


The color and design trends of 2020 reveal a fascinating dichotomy in an era that combines novel and nostalgic approaches. An important proposal in web design for 2020 is the use of fluorescent tones in certain areas of the web where it is desired to attract predominantly the attention of the user.


Handmade sketches and author illustrations are already a trend in graphic design and it seems that they will continue, because they catch the attention of users and are so versatile that they can be used to represent any type of product or service.


The concept of minimalism has been imposed for several years in the world of design, and is characterized by being a style in which all irrelevant elements are reduced; it is a simple style, with a clear message and easy to communicate. Although minimalism is often associated with black and white schemes, by 2020 it will have a small variation with the introduction of vivid colours, such as coral, blue and yellow, in minimalist designs. An example that perfectly describes this trend is the redesign of the Google logo.

Responsive web design

Your web pages must be responsively designed, that is, a web development that allows your pages to adapt to all types of devices, all screen sizes and resolutions, all browsers and operating systems.
Although responsive web design has been a trend for some time now, with 2020 on the threshold, what is clear is that whoever does not have a responsive design is clearly out of the picture, given the widespread use of mobile devices for web consultation. Approximately 63% of users access the internet from their mobile device, and a website that does not respond to this can lose a large number of potential customers.


The web design is adding new updates as the years go by, as it is influenced by different factors, such as fashion, social networks, people’s tastes, and so on. Some of these updates are very well accepted by the public, such is the case of videos that reflect the identity of businesses, which are a trend that will continue during 2020. Usually, this type of elements are incorporated in the header and can be reproduced from the same website. They are ideal to promote an offer, a product or simply to do a direct promotion of the services.

User Experience

If there is something that has always been sought in the design of web pages but it seems that in recent years not to stop being heard is “user experience”. The design of a web page largely determines how the user navigates and interacts with the site; consequently, the number of leads that the company’s page can convert is largely determined by the design it presents.

The trends in web design are due to changes in technology, changes in the behavior of Internet users, changes in the industry and changes to achieve a pleasant and useful experience for those who visit websites. If you want your business website to be a success, it is important that you take into account the trends in design, because they make the user feel comfortable when navigating.

Remember: the graphic message will always be much clearer and easier to communicate when you have a simple and straightforward design.