Packaging is the perfect chance to make your brand shine and stand out. It’s also an art that can be complex and needs to be well mastered. But no worries, it’s also one of our top expertises!

We all know that eye-catching packaging works wonders for pleasing customers and boosting brand awareness. The cooler it looks, the more you sell – simple math!

But packaging goes way beyond mere aesthetic aspects; functionality matters too. No one wants to deal with a package that’s a total hassle, which is why we always come up with solutions that offer a great user experience. Nowadays, it’s also essential to consider environmental impact when designing a packaging: using recyclable materials, cutting down on plastic, and choosing biodegradable options whenever we can. Finally, you can’t design a good packaging if you’re unaware of all the regulatory aspect that is implied. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – whether it’s nailing the nutritional facts label or ensuring the appropriate use of French for products sold in Quebec.

Because of this underlying complexity, smart brands turn to experts like us for help! Research, ideation, prototypes… Our process is solid and always successful, as our clients can attest to.


For the cool New Zealand pâté brand, Ta Pies, we came up with packaging that’s totally unique. It shows off the mouthwatering crust – a real selling point of the product. The designs are inspired by local folk art, plants, and New Zealand’s colours, giving it that extra touch of authenticity.


Yummy Doh is a blast from the past, serving up a bunch of scrumptious recipes that bring back those childhood memories. We’ve put our hearts into picking the perfect colors and patterns to match each flavour and make people drool. And how about that adorable “Cookie Monster”? It adds some serious charm and connects with the crowd. No wonder we bagged the Gaïa prize for frozen products with this one!


Pilaros is all about top-notch quality and taste, and we’ve made sure their packaging reflects just that. Our designs are like little works of art with their cool “engraving” style illustrations. They give off that traditional Mediterranean vibe, making everyone want to dig in and share the love.

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