The Art of the Facelift


The Art of the Facelift


The Art of the Facelift

It’s been on your mind for some time now; you’ve noticed the little imperfections, pinpointed the areas you would change, tried different things without any results. Most noticeably, though, is that you feel your look doesn’t reflect who you are. You feel fresh and exciting, but your look is dull, maybe even outdated. The time has come for you to give yourself a face lift: rebrand your company.

The best and most effective way to build your brand and your product’s presence is through re-branding. Making sure that your company image, whether it be through its logo, its graphics or its voice, reflects your product is essential to its success. If you’re trying to sell an edgier experience through your product, then details as minute as the font you are using will have an impact on your brand; a type with a cursive detailing that evokes an impression of elegance and delicateness is counter-productive and completely mismatched. A strong, successful and distinct brand is one that is cohesive from A to Z.

We at Design Grafico know first-hand how re-branding can have an immediate and positive impact on a business, having worked with multiple clients on doing just that – and successfully. One of our most notable projects involving re-branding was for our client Cacao 70, one of Montréalers’ go-to spots to satisfy their chocolate cravings and sweet tooth. Unfortunately, there was a disconnect between their product and their brand; the warmth and indulgence of chocolate wonders and sugary delights was being dulled and misrepresented by an image that came across as conservative and simplistic. They came to us looking to infuse life and the culture surrounding chocolate into their brand. As a result, Cacao 70’s brand now evokes ideas that chocolate does too: playfulness, mischief, excitement, indulgence. From their signs, logo, graphics, menus and aprons, their brand is as inviting as their hot chocolate. Cacao 70’s re-branding success is evident in its social presence, with tens of thousands of hits coming up on social media sites, whether it be photographs of one Cacao 70’s signature desserts, or check-ins at their various locations. People are voluntarily associating themselves with the brand, and are promoting it as something they want to be a part of. Their brand, their product and their consumer have connected.

Your brand should speak for you with a clear voice, and should give your consumer an instantaneous indication of what you, your company and your product represent. It should act as your mirror, allowing your audience to immediately understand and react to you, while potentially seeing themselves reflected in you. We at Design Grafico can build that mirror for you. You’ll see all the difference.


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