The importance of brand identity and how to create one

Brand identity comprises everything that sustains your brand. That is, it is all the things that make it different from the rest and what will make you stand out in the market. For an effective brand identity, you need to think about the messages and values you want to convey to customers.

Basically you are looking for a way for people to recognize you and see your company as a trustworthy place. With the image you convey you can attract new customers as well as keep the ones you already have. So the importance of brand identity is such that it keeps your company alive.

Yes, it can be a bit tedious, but we have tried to simplify the process so that you can better understand what brand identity is all about and its importance. Let’s start with the basics of visual brand identity, which consists of logo, colors and typography.

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The logo is a visual representation of your brand, it can be an image, drawing, symbol or graphic. Any option that represents the essence of your company is perfect, but you must take into account several characteristics.

A logo attracts people’s attention and is responsible for a first impression. For these reasons, the brand identity cannot exist without one. You must make sure that it is striking and unique enough, and at the same time, that it expresses exactly what you want to communicate.


Colors are fundamental to form a brand identity. They produce an immediate visual effect, depending on each color and tone, the message can be perceived in one way or another. They are also related to emotions and attitudes; it is not only an aesthetic issue.

Another aspect you should take into account when choosing the colors of your visual identity is the competition. You should study your competitors according to the products and services you offer. In addition, you can review what each color means and how you can implement it in your brand.


Now that you have a logo and the right colors, the only thing missing is the typography to start with your brand identity. With typography you allow consumers to immediately recognize your brand, either in the logo or simply in a communication or advertisement.

As is universally known, there are thousands of typographies, but from all of them you must choose one that conveys what you want. You must consider which one complements the design of your brand, and you must also ask yourself if it is legible, if it can be understood and if it stands out.

With these three parts, your brand’s visual identity is ready to be known. This is only the first step in determining the identity of your brand. Once you have everything in order, you must prepare to promote the brand. You must be consistent, creative and pay close attention to detail.

Don’t worry, with our professional help you will find it easier to create your brand identity. Consult with us, tell us about your brand and we will know how to support you.