The importance of graphic design for companies

Graphic design is becoming more important every day, as more and more companies emerge, and with them, a huge demand for new ways to convey their advertising message. For a long time, graphic design was reduced to just a practice for creating logos and packaging; however, today it is known that when graphic design is adopted as a business strategy, it can transform an entire organization.

In an increasingly globalized world with a competition that does not rest, visual communication is one of the most powerful weapons of companies, and graphic design is the one in charge of this area. It is important that, as an entrepreneur, you know the importance of graphic design, because what people perceive of the corporate image is what helps you stand out from the competition.

Brand construction

The work of a graphic designer goes beyond the handling of shapes and colors: the designer knows in depth the cognitive and emotional processes that operate in the receiver, which will make the difference between a technically correct message and another that penetrates the mind of the receiver and leaves an indelible mark; therefore, it is undeniable the importance of the participation of graphic design in the success of building a brand.

Good design conveys credibility

The work of a graphic designer is very important because it is part of a company’s marketing strategy, which is executed to convert messages and ideas into a visual communication that impacts and transmits credibility. According to recent studies on the importance of graphic design, 78% of users who come to a website evaluate the credibility of the company by the design of its page; of that percentage, 94% reject it for its appearance. These figures are too high to ignore, don’t you think?

Improves market positioning

Graphic design is a fundamental element for companies, as it allows them to visualize the messages they want to share with consumers. Having a good graphic line makes it easier for companies to gain acceptance among potential customers, which translates into financial success.
A good design projects a professional image, which provides security and confidence. Make sure that the graphic line of your company is not very sophisticated, since it will give the sensation of being expensive, but that it has a good presence. The cleaner and simpler a design is, the more easily it will be engraved in the minds of customers, who will associate it directly with your products.


The main objective of graphic design is to integrate forms, textures and colours that are translated into meaningful and relevant communication for their environment, but especially for the target audience. The images created by the graphic designer must convey the company’s values, messages and feelings. This is achieved through a narrative rhythm, a good organization of the information (images, texts) and the generation of a context that allows to transmit the essence of the brand.

In short, graphic design represents a great value for companies, as it generates attitudes according to the perceptions and messages it transmits, but the most important thing is that it helps to create a brand idea, a personality in front of customers, competitors and the general public, it creates loyalty and recognition.

If you have not yet defined the graphic line of your business, do not waste any more time, do it and position your brand in the market.