The Importance of Social Media: Why Social Media Should Be a Part of Your Business Strategy


The Importance of Social Media: Why Social Media Should Be a Part of Your Business Strategy


The Importance of Social Media: Why Social Media Should Be a Part of Your Business Strategy

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Tumblr. The list of social media networks can go on. Every single day, millions of users from all corners of the world are present and active on multiple social media outlets. For the longest time, social media sites and apps have been viewed as personal sharing platforms, with people tweeting random thoughts, commenting on an article someone’s shared, or posting pictures. However, many companies have begun to recognize social media in a different light: as one of the largest marketing platforms that currently exist. From higher levels of visibility to market research, companies are using social media to spearhead their brand’s voice and message through the various mediums social media allows them to use to their advantage. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider making social media a part of your business game plan:

1. Increase your exposure

1.44 billion active Facebook users. 236 million active Twitter users. 300 million active Instagram users. All these numbers add up to the giant pool of potential clients you can tap into – the world is literally at your disposal. You can now reach audiences far and wide, and turn a Facebook or Twitter user into a follower and a fan. Social media allows you to be visible everywhere, everyday, at any time. What does that mean for your business? Get your name out. Get the word out. Shine the social media spotlight on yourself. Social media is all about sharing and connecting – which is exactly what you want for your business. The more social media networks you’re on, the more exposure you allow your business. The more exposure your business gets, the more people will be able to connect and interact with it.

2. Direct access to your clients and prospective new ones

Social media puts you directly in the hands of your clients, and in the hands of prospective new ones. Every time someone interacts with you on social media, it puts you in the line of sight of a potential new client or follower. You have direct access to an audience that traditional forms of communications and marketing cannot reach. With social media, you can communicate directly with your followers, you can develop relations with your clients, and can interact with them one-on-one, strengthening your consumer ties. Direct access personalizes your business, and everyone appreciates and gravitates to things that they can relate to


3. Free market research

One of the added benefits of having direct access to your clients is being able to advantageously use this access for your own business research. Social media allows you to get instant – and free – feedback on your product and your content. Your business’ followers can become much more than your audience base, they can become your test pool. By working from social media platforms that allow for open channels of communication, you can get first-degree information on what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be improved. What’s better? It’s immediate. Ask a question, and people will answer. It’s that simple.

4. Social media pages are the new website

It used to be that a website added a level of legitimacy to a business. In 2015, the same can be said for social media. A Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page announces your presence. It solidifies your visibility and reiterates your information. And what’s better than an active social media page? An interactive one – one where people follow, like, comment and share your content. That adds a level of authenticity to your business because it shows that people believe and trust enough in your product, and in what you’re offering, to take the time and interact with it, to be a part of it.

5. It’s free


Finally, if none of the preceding four points convinced you, this last one is reason enough: it’s free. Free advertising. Free networking. Free research. All without constraints. Consider your social media pages as billboards that you can advertise your product, and shout your message from. The more social media pages, the more billboards. Do it right, and you’ll see points one through four from this list working to the benefit of your business.


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