Tips for creating a logo that makes a difference

The brand identity is everything that represents a company, ie those elements that make the company is unique and differentiated from the rest, one of the most important is the logo.

Although the task of creating a logo may seem simple, reality goes much further. We must bear in mind that the creation of a logo must result in the representation of a brand; in other words, the visual identity of any brand is always something more complex than the combination of simple typographies, figures and colours. The logo must be unique because it is the way in which the company identifies itself, reflects its values and differentiates itself from the competition.

If you want to design a high quality logo, able to be kept in people’s minds, you must follow the advice I present in this article.


Logos started out as symbols to differentiate one business from another, but today they are fundamental to any company’s corporate visual identity.
Every company needs a logo in order to exist, to have an identity, to reach its clients and make them loyal under an image, a symbol that contains its essence. An own logo can enhance loyalty between the company and the customer, create a market identity and convey professionalism. The logo affects the perception of the brand and will, in part, be responsible for customers buying.

Define the colors of your logo

The logo is one of the most important visual elements for companies, because it identifies a brand. In order to create a logo according to the corporate identity of a company, it must respect the chromatic range of the organization so that it is harmonious with the rest of the graphic elements.

When you create a logo, try not to fill it with colors; if you pay attention, you will realize that few brands have many colors in their logos, and the reason is practical: reproduction in conventional analog printing systems, such as offset and screen printing, is more expensive when more colors are used.

Designing for a target audience

Before you start designing a logo, you should realize that it’s not the same to create a logo for a company that provides services for children as it is for a company that offers insurance… If you locate your audience well, it will be much easier for you to think about each element you’re going to use.

A memorable sign

The logo, like the name, is much more than the image of a company, it is more than a seal… The logo is an essential and characteristic element of a brand, and its function is to position it among the preferences of users. To achieve this, the logo must be able to convey a message: the values of the brand it represents. A logo is often the first impression that a company’s client gets.


From a designer’s point of view, a logo has to be able to be applied on different media without being distorted in size, shape and tone; it must also look good with its inverted colors, as well as in black and white. That’s why I recommend you to design a logo with vectors, because it will allow you to increase or decrease its size at any scale without losing the sharpness of the image.


In graphic design, the trend has been to greatly simplify the visual weight of the brand image. This is basically because we are saturated with information on a daily basis. The sooner a logo is read and understood, the easier it will be for people to remember it.

Now that you know these tips, let your creativity fly and design logos that make a difference.