Tips to get the best designs

When we talk about graphic design, we refer to the technique of projecting ideas in visual format for different purposes, whether commercial, advertising, corporate, brand building, as a complement to web design, content for social networks, and so on.

Designers communicate ideas to inspire, inform and captivate the public through both physical and virtual art forms, which include graphics, words and images; however, a good design is much more than the sum of its elements, it requires understanding the fundamentals of form and composition, the messages of color, the relationship between different types of visual signs, the rhythm of the informational hierarchy and the way in which typography and image work to produce a unified and coherent message.

Graphic design is present in all the elements of a company, since it is found throughout the corporate image (from the logo to its website); that is why designers have become an essential part of the world of work: they manage to communicate visually what we think.

If you want your designs to be a success, take into account the tips below.


If your intention is to highlight certain areas in a design, you should learn to contrast colors; for example, if you have a dark background, you should use a light-colored typeface. You can also use graphic elements with contrasting black and white colors. Although contrast is generally applied using opposite colors, contrast is in fact a juxtaposition of various design elements, so even differences in textures (rough-smooth), shapes (large-small) and lines (thick-fine), just to name a few, also create contrast.

Study the main trends

A graphic designer is a professional who makes designs that are characterized by being creative, which seeks to attract the attention of the people to whom the message is directed. For those who work as graphic designers it can be tempting to add images, graphics, fonts, colors and much more to their work; however, creating a design is not just about filling spaces with images, it has to be an aesthetic work, in which the design trends that exist are put into practice, because they reflect the importance that the visual identity of a company takes on.

Do not saturate

Graphic design uses visual compositions to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography, images, colors and shapes. To achieve an attractive design presentation, it is important not to saturate the project, you must select a line of colors and use contrasts to create incredible works and convey emotions through them.

Keep in mind the psychology of color

The psychology of color is extremely important when creating a design, as each color has a different effect on people, with colors you can awaken emotions or even create the intention to buy. When choosing the colors for a project, strategically used color schemes create a visual impact and highlight the most important information. Graphic designers are asked to translate and convey messages clearly, intelligently and effectively in every situation.


We are all surrounded by continuous visual attacks: images, colors, shapes and texts that adorn and shape the messages are found in any space. But each of these messages is impregnated with a special essence; they represent a specific brand. The designs are part of the corporate image, which helps you differentiate yourself and become more competitive.

In short, the first thing you must take into account to get a good graphic design are the elements that compose it, and the good combination of all of them will lead you to the perfect design on every occasion. Now that you know these tips, get to work and make impressive designs.