What is the importance of brand image for your business?


The importance of the brand image is based on leaving the customer a vision and a brand of the company that will always be remembered.

Positive brand image refers to how people remember our identity both cognitively and emotionally. In other words, what we mean to our target audience.

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Brand influence is related to three aspects: how we are perceived, how we perceive ourselves from within our brand with our strengths and weaknesses, and the image we wish to convey.

It’s not about our brand identity. Brand identity refers to everything related to our colors, the unique design of our logo, its slogan, although of course it is a cornerstone on which we build our brand image.

The professional brand image seeks to reconcile the aspects of how our brand is perceived, how we perceive ourselves and how we want to be perceived.

It is no secret that we want to be the best brand in our field, but this image is not achieved overnight, to achieve it we must work on strategies that lead us down the right path.

Before moving forward, it is necessary to analyze and reaffirm the basics: What is our mission and vision? Do we have solid design in our brand and all related elements? 

With these aspects fine-tuned we proceed with strategies to positively reinforce our brand image.

These strategies can be marketing, direct experiences with our public and of course advertising.

The importance of brand image: Definition of brand image

The term brand image is used to describe the concept of the brand in the minds of consumers. 

It describes the concept of a brand as perceived by the consumer. Although the concept is not exact, it is a subjective perception of a brand. There is no “correct” definition of brand image.

What is the purpose and importance of brand image?

The meaning of brand image is the face of our entity. It is what people think and believe about us, and it influences our positioning in the market. 

Brand image building is related to whether people are convinced to buy our products or services, whether they trust us, whether they are satisfied with our products and whether they would recommend us. 

By being recognized by people we are more likely to reach more people, and conquer new spaces.    

What are the characteristics of brand image?

  • It refers to what our public believes about our brand.
  • People create that concept from what they know about our brand and the emotions it provokes in them.
  • It also relates to the attitude that people may show regarding our brand.
  • It relates to the shopping experience we provide to our consumers and the advertising our brand has.
  • It can change over time, so it is important to reinforce it.

The importance of brand image: Steps to a successful brand image

Of course we can’t tell our target audience what they should think of us, but we can make their relationship with us better.

A very important step to be successful is to use social networks, read this article o learn how to do it.

But how to build a strong brand image? to achieve an excellent iconic brand image consider these aspects:

Meet expectations

We cannot be deceitful about what we offer in products or services. 

An important point is that our target audience not only expects a top-quality product or service, they are also looking for a memorable shopping experience.

And not only that, they are also interested in other factors such as our environmental footprint, our commitment to social causes, our corporate social responsibility.

Our corporate brand image must transmit all these values only if it is fulfilling them. At this point, honesty is our best letter of introduction.

Be consistent

If our local brand image is friendly, close, then we must strive to treat our customers in the same way through the different channels. That is what consistency is all about. 

For example, our warm image transmitted through beautiful pictures on social networks is not worth much if we do not reinforce it with a close treatment when people come to us.

We must make sure that our team is in tune with the company’s values and image, and reinforce from all points these aspects that we want to position so much.

What does your public associate your brand with: efficiency, speed, innovation, solutions, proximity?


Not everything customers say about us is negative. We must stop to listen and identify their needs and expectations.

What mechanisms do we have to find out what they say about us? A quality survey of our products or services? A test?

Market segmentation

Our brand image must be focused on our target audience. We must know their preferences, needs and interests in order to reach them in an assertive way and not overwhelm ourselves.

Look for examples of brand image

It is important that you look for examples of brand image especially from your competitors so that you can get some guidance.

A strong brand image relies heavily on the company’s logo, slogan and even the colors that identify that particular brand.

Tips to improve your brand image

Select the channels where you want to be present according to your target audience. We can talk a lot about the internet and social media, but their effectiveness depends on having a presence in the right channels.

Improving the brand image is very important for those who want to succeed in their business  and here we will explain how to do it:

  • Your brand image must be clear, unambiguous.
  • Facilitate your contacts in a direct and easy way. Your target audience wants to know where to call or write to ask about what they are interested in, not a lecture on communication.
  • Stay ahead of the curve, technology is taking us by leaps and bounds. Don’t let your customers go to the other side of the world to buy just because you don’t keep up with the times. 


In short, the benefits of brand image are many, such as making your company known and even more so if you are starting your business.

Developing a brand image can be a difficult process. Although the logo, slogan or design are essential, they are not the only aspects of a brand that influence consumer perception. 

Brand image is a holistic, multi-layered concept that evolves over time as consumers interact with a company.  

In addition to the logo and color palette, other elements such as signage and packaging contribute to the perception of a product.

The creative process of brand image takes time, but don’t worry, this is normal, because you need to be sure of how you want to present your company and the success of your business will depend on it.

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