What’s your Type?


What’s your Type?


What’s your Type?

Nike. Coca-Cola. Versace. McDonald’s. Lego. Red Bull. What do these companies, and so many more, have in common? A signature typography. Each of these companies has associated themselves with a type that has come to be the face of their brand. Typographies are much more than letters and print on a page; they are infused with a brand’s character, status, and vision. Try picturing addidas printed in the cursive styling of Titleist — it just doesn’t work, right? That’s because typography can affect the layout, the tone and the feel of a brand, an ad, and even something as compact as a business card (so choose wisely).

In our line of work, we’re aware that the type will influence the interaction between print and audience before the viewer has fully taken it in. That is why for the marking of one of our client’s 30 years in business, we wanted to go in the direction of a type that would make a statement and that was solid, mirroring the statement and solidity of 30 successful years means. Here, we were inspired by the look and feel of the old fashion type, wanting the print to provoke a vintage vibe. Taking a look at letterpress printing, we drew inspiration from the strict columns and straight lines its work would produce, and decided to employ those elements to this project to evoke that old school classic mood factor. Result: success. Did we stop there? No.

We always like to take it one step further, which is why we decided to then use a die cut to add an unexpected touch. Through the creation of negative space, the die cut brought an otherwise static print to a higher, more appealing and interactive level. As we said, we wanted it to evoke a vintage vibe, but we didn’t want it to seem thrift shop vintage, so we selected to use an embossing technique to bring life to the print, and continued life to our client’s 30 years, proving that the type you use acts as the megaphone for the message the words on the page are trying to say. In this case, solidity, resolution, dedication and continuation.


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