User experiences, market trajectory, quality of products or services: there are many factors that influence the composition of a brand image.

But nowadays there is no activity more important than the one that the company carries out on the Internet. Consequently, brand image depends on social networks, and this is a principle that is becoming more important as time goes by and new technologies evolve.

Social networks and mobile messengers have almost completely replaced the classic channels of communication between companies and their customers.

Today’s consumer, accustomed to communicating through social networks with friends or family, expects the same approach when addressing a company: personalization, simplicity and immediate availability.

So, how can social networks be used to improve brand image? In this article we will answer this question and guide you to get the best results.

What is brand image?

Surely, and even more so nowadays, everyone knows what social networks are, but the concept of brand image, unless you have ever read marketing literature, is not as intuitive as it seems.

The term brand image refers to the set of perceptions present in the consumer’s mind, which are reflected in various associations with the brand itself, and shape the image consumers have of it, in an abstract sense.

In other words, it is an objective and mental feedback from consumers when they buy a product. Brand images should be positive, unique and instantaneous, with any contact or mention of them. 

When consumers buy a product, they, in addition to the benefits, choose its image. A positive brand image exceeds customer expectations.

Brand image is built and strengthened using advertising media. In this case: social networks.

How to use social networks to improve your brand image, step by step

In order to evoke emotions and get consumers to create a bond with your company’s brand, through social networks, you must catch the interest of potential customers and work with that community.

Creating and filling communities

Community building

The construction of a community, who would become our potential customers, refers to the development of design, stylistics and functionalities, choice of name, information about the company, etc.

Interactive content creation

Nothing attracts new users and keeps the ones we already have, such as attractive promotions, contests and votes.

Filling with unique content

The information must be correctly written, there must be relevant news, as well as entertaining content, and most importantly, it must be original.

Attract new members to the community

Targeted advertising

Set up an advertising campaign for the most appropriate users, matching, in terms of age, territory and other criteria, our target audience.

Cross-targeted advertising

This refers to creating content with the ability to advertise your community on other people’s group and community pages, which are visited daily by a large number of users on social networks.

Launching viral advertising

Memes, challengers, trending activities: The Internet offers many options for achieving viral media content.

Work with community members


Information about news, promotions and special offers presented by your company will not only be of interest to users, but will also have a positive effect on traffic.

Community moderation

Answers to questions, content, group management, updates. Many companies hire a team of community managers who focus only on creating posts and then forget about it.

But providing user interaction, responding to comments and even tagging people is very engaging for the audience.

Maintain interest

Keep interest in the community at a high and constant level. Promotions, contests, polls, topical news and interesting entertainment content, presented in the right proportion, will warm up the interest of community participants.

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