What’s in a Logo Design: Nothing Says Simple and Effective Like Amazon’s Logo


What’s in a Logo Design: Nothing Says Simple and Effective Like Amazon’s Logo


What’s in a Logo Design: Nothing Says Simple and Effective Like Amazon’s Logo

At a quick glance, a logo – a well-designed logo – speaks to a specific part of our brains. Some call it subliminal messaging. We call it emotional touch points. The reason we call it that is because a company logo has a huge job to do that goes way beyond brand recognition. The bigger task is in letting consumers know exactly what they can expect from a company. How will the company and its products or services make their lives easier or better? In other words, the logo’s job is to convey a company’s promise and brand essence.

From a design standpoint, there’s no better feeling than working on a logo and knowing that you’ve captured a company’s spirit. Ask anyone that’s a hot sauce enthusiast, and they’ll tell you that the “zing” of any culinary creation is always in the sauce. There’s even a campaign (we’re sure you’ve heard of it) that says, “I put that sh*t on everything.”

In the context of creating logos, the hot sauce represents the understanding of a logo’s impact and the zing happens when you know you’re on the right track during the design phase.

If you love design as much as we do (and we’re pretty sure you do!) we’re happy to welcome you to our first post of a series where we will be looking at a variety of known logos and dissecting the elements that make them work, beginning with Amazon.

As with many company logos, the Amazon logo has gone through a few variations over the years, all representing the company’s position and offering at that time. Today, we know Amazon’s logo as an unassuming typeface. Yet no one can deny its impact. But what makes it effective?

The elements include lowercase letters – amazon – with an arrow. Simple, right? But once you read what we have to say about why it works, we’re certain that you’ll see that a lot more thought went into its design than meets the eye. This is another indication of the power behind keeping logos simple.

First, let’s look at the arrow in connection with the company name. Not just randomly placed, it begins under the letter “a” and points to the letter “z”. The messaging? Amazon sells everything from A to Z. As well, the arrow demonstrates movement, which goes with ‘in transit’ and reflects the momentum of purchases. (From the Amazon or seller’s warehouse to you.)

Another element to the arrow is that it – again, very subtly – depicts a smile. Whether you order books, kitchenware, electronics, or even hot sauce, what happens when you come home at the end of a day and find that Amazon package waiting for you at your front door?

Happiness … you can’t help but smile. This also represents the Amazon promise and consumer experience: satisfaction.

These simple elements all come together to reveal the Amazon brand essence and promise to their target audience.

Are you clear on what your company’s brand essence is?

To help get you on the right track, here’s a question for you:

What is the “emotion” behind your company?

Example: The emotion behind a line of women’s clothing could include:

  • Fun
  • Feminine
  • Expressive
  • Attractive
  • Confident
  • Empowering

As communication experts, we specialize in helping our clients position themselves so that their value proposition is clear.

Want to get clear on your messaging? Give us a call today!



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